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The Quarter restaurant has grown rapidly and cemented itself solidly onto the St Barths food scene in the last few years. Once you have a chance to find yourself dining inside you are amazed how you have missed out on this on all your previous trips to St Barths. There is a reason why this Kitchen and Cocktail lab is currently shaking up the restaurant scene on this exceptional island in the French West Indies. Recently they won the award for thebest young chef, best barmen and bar in St Barths internationally recognized by the highly acclaimed Gault and Millau guide.
As you arrive, you can’t help but be slightly overcome by the extensive Bourbon, Japanese Whisky and rare spirits found behind the bar. Make sure to find and ask
Eddie the head barman to make you something that will surprise you, you will not be disappointed. If you crave delicious homemade ramen that’s tastes like you are seated in that elite restaurant in Sapporo or ORA salmonmarinated in Korean spices and baked in a salt crust bringing out the best of Asian flavors with European techniques, you have found the right location.

This is also the only venue on the island where you can ask for a private room with a VIP Omakase chef expe- rience by reservation only, max 8 guests. Which in itself
is an experience like no other.
Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and very quickly you will find yourself wandering in to this inviting restaurant more often than not.
When you are about to leave make sure to ask for Erjon about the only Speakeasy in St Barths the Rhum Room, that contains a Rhum experience that we can guarantee you have never experienced elsewhere in the world.
Currently they have a world class impressive list of over 1000 different Rhums from the Caribbean, some dating back to the 1800’s, the Rhum Room.


+590 590 275 182

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