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From the moment you walk through the doors of
Orega the inviting ambiance of Japanese Franco fusion cooking will whisk you off to an imaginary like setting in this traditional St Barths Case where you can enjoy the Omakase tasting menu composed of 7 or 9 dishes paired with just the right Sake combination to accentuate this food adventure you are experiencing, while sitting under the stars in this subliminal environment with just the perfect touch of attentiveness and decor.
Orega, the brainchild and passion of Gregory Ortega who is assisted by his incredible team and Chef Clement Laffitte, who is an expert in Japanese creative cooking and has been part of this adventure since the beginning. Clement works only with the finest ingredients that are sourced locally as well as imported from the finest markets around the world.
To start off your perfect evening there is the exquisite bar where the barman can delicately concoct the cocktail of your choice or if you feel adventurous ask


+590 590 524 531

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