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Last in line of a list of distinguished establishments, Kinugawa Saint-Barth shares with its counterparts of Kinugawa Paris and Kinugawa Saint-Tropez, the cornerstones of excellence and sophistication inherent to their common Japanese inspiration.

As Winter starts to fall over the European continent, Blackcode brings back summer with the grand opening of its latest Kinugawa, namesake of the group’s most prestigious and acclaimed restaurants, on the beautiful island of Saint- Barthelemy.

Kinugawa Saint-Barth aims to balance high Japanese gastronomy with the elegance of French
“art de vivre” within its tasteful wooden interior design, that is highlighted with splashes of
turquoise and Azur.

Takeshi Hoshino leads the kitchen team, offering a variety of dishes that combine Japanese tradition, Kinugawa’s contemporary cuisine and his own personality as Chef. Chef Hoshino joined the Black Code group in 2015 as chef for Kinugawa Matignon, after working
many years as executive chef for Nobu New York.

His experience both in France and America makes him the ideal person to head the Kinugawa
Saint-Barthelemy project, as a person with ties to both continents housing the soul of Japanese

The Cocktail Bar offers a variety of unique Franco- Japanese cocktails: Kinu Mule, Japanese Tiki, Ginger

Love Yuzu to name a few. The blends of Japanese ingredients with Mediterranean influences
spike classic recipes giving our beverages a new dimension. The bar welcomes patrons on their way in, before dinner, or on their way out, to enjoy a more upbeat atmosphere with a sea view.


+590 590 511 355

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