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The artist behind the 2018-2019 cover of  POLA MAGAZINE


portada sola 2019 Pola magazine.jpg
miguel millo 4.png

Miguel Milló’s art seems to, perhaps not consciously, overthrow the preponderance of language, and bluntly opposes categorizations imposed by norms, etiquettes and ideologies, searching and building symbols that sustain themselves, and that talk about Universals when, commonly, languages concern particulars.




Cacao 112x168cm

The Mexican artist, Miguel Milló talks about the human essence-the medium happens by chance, we could say it us but a matter of tracking and condensing a determinate moment, an impulse, a moment of creation where the human canvas and the artist’s hand join in a spiritual encounter. To this respect, the artworks might be seen as mementos of an ephemeral moment: the brief space of the pulse of a camera obturator propelled by a naïve finger.

“We are the same seed,

we are made of the same mud”


Roots 112x168cm


We are sinners when it comes to our need to categorize - understandable, perhaps, given that our minds, our reason, is under the domain of Language. This obsession for sticking to tags has dangerously driven us towards categorizing our way of life, ourselves and the ones that surround us. This labels act as an a priori judgment when encountering new situations, people or places (something along the lines of how an artwork’s title becomes a first and evident approach towards its interpretation.) Art has developed a lot of mechanisms for trying to eradicate the domain of logical languages, for instance, the XXth Century’s fixation on naming pieces as Untitled, which looks towards being a call to penetrate inside an artwork and look for its own meaning beyond what its name may or may not confer




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