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Once upon a time there was a divine nectar


In every food and wine pairing, the essential is to find the right balance. Neither wine nor food should prevail over the other. Only the resonance, the echo that one and the other refer to is important.. Caviar needs a companion as refined as audacious.


Caviar has been consumed for millennia, often associated with vodka or champagne. While vodka will tend to anesthetize the taste buds, Champagne, on the contrary, will highlight them.


Caviar brings persistence, length in the mouth and that's exactly what is expected in a wine. Combining the two most prestigious symbols of gastronomy in an exceptional beverage became obvious.

It is from this observation that Luvienz ambition of offering a unique tasting experience by revealing through the Champagne the saline and salivating persistence of Caviar is achived.






-The perfect pairing-

On the palate, the dynamic and subtly flowery attack of the blanc de blancs precedes the long iodine softness of caviar


Signature with 24K Gold leafs. Bottle customization services are available 

The exceptional ingredients contained in Luvienz follows a secret recipe. Through grinding, pressing, and filtering at controlled

temperatures, a caviar extract is obtained and then blended with the finest French

sparkling wine by Luvienz® artisans

This revolutionary, patented extraction process and

research, concentrates all the gustatory and olfactory qualities of Caviar.


The result is extraordinary: the fine particles of caviar enhance the delicacy of the wine with an iodized subtlety, melting on the mouth, gastronomical experience that is meant for royalty.





Luvienz 9 bottles case

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