Low Earth Orbit experience, 10-day missions to the ISS



While there are a handful of space companies promising short thrusts out of the atmosphere, only one - Axiom Space - is offering an out-of-this-world Low Earth Orbit experience with 10-day missions to the ISS. Given a leadership team that includes the former NASA ISS Program Manager, and 35+ years of collective human spaceflight experience, future astronauts are in good hands.

At the helm of the SpaceX Axiom Space-1, launching October 2021, will be Commander Michael Lopez-Alegría, a U.S. Hall of Fame and 4-time astronaut, who has spent 257 days in space and amassed 67 spacewalk hours, the most of any US astronaut.

Alongside him in the capsule will be three private astronauts - “Space Tourists” -who will have trained alongside NASA astronauts, and will take the first-ever privately crewed and managed human spaceflight to ISS, marking a turning point in our history

Perched in Earth’s orbit and experiencing life in weightlessness creates unique creative freedoms and inspiration. As Commander ML-A says, the experience of seeing a sunrise and a sunset every 45 minutes, of seeing the whole of humanity spread out below you, of seeing land masses but no borders, and realizing that we are all in this together and there is no “Planet B” creates a cognitive shift in all those who have experienced this singular perspective. The “Overview Effect” instills in the viewer a global consciousness, a connection to Earth and all life on it, and the desire to better care for our place of origin

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